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£39 - area/session flat rate

£39 - area/session flat rate

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Welcome to No+Vello UK

The undisputed world leader in IPL hair removal & skin rejuvenation. Now present in 16 countries.

Enjoy the latest IPL hair removal system with a revolutionary flat rate of £39 per area-per session. IPL has a name for quality, discover our No+Vello system!


+ Esthetic are the new aesthetic treatments from No + Vello that will help you achieve healthy and rejuvenated skin and teeth. Facial and body treatments that provide firmness and elasticity to the … [Read More…]

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How to enhance your IPL treatment results

There are two questions we get asked a lot… Firstly, how long will it take to see results after an IPL treatment. Unfortunately the answer is that results differ from one person to the next depending on skin type and hair colour, but we answer that question more thoroughly here http://nomasvello.co.uk/ipl-results-novello/ The other one is what you can do to maximise the results and ensure you get the best possible value for money. So we thought we’d answer that here.   Before your IPL treatment Hydrate and protect your skin Drink plenty of water throughout the day Use moisturising creams morning and night Apply creams with SPF 15 or higher if the zone being treated is normally exposed to the sun Deep clean your skin Remove dead skin cells and impurities by exfoliating your skin 2-3 times per week Around your treatment, avoid: Sun exposure, tanning beds and tanning creams for at least 15 days prior to treatment Wrinkle creams Photosensitising medications Creams with vitamin A or retinoic acid Any form of injectibles In the area to be treated, leave hair 1 to 3 millimetres long Do not shave for two days before your visit Do not wax, epilate or use any method that removes hair at the root for at least 20 days prior to treatment On the day of your treatment Attend your session free of deodorant, perfume and makeup Avoid doing vigorous physical exercise   After IPL Treatment Keep your skin hydrated inside and out For 48 hours after your treatment, avoid: Exfoliating or anything that could aggravate your skin Exercise Sun exposure – use SPF30...

Preparing your body for your summer holiday

The summer holidays are here!  We speak to a lot of people who want to prepare their bodies for the beach and then enjoy a gorgeous glow with minimal effort when they get there – so we asked our beauty experts for their top tips. Before you go… HAIR REMOVAL Time-consuming and/or painful processes like shaving and waxing are the traditional ways to remove unwanted hair. But many of our clients want to remove hair for as long as possible, with as little pain as possible so they’re turning to IPL. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) delivers rapid pulses of high intensity light to the area being treated. The light energy is converted into heat, which destroys the hair follicle at the root (shaft), minimising future growth. Our patented IPL hair removal system is gentler on the skin and able to treat a broader range of skin tones and hair colours.   If your skin is already tanned, SUN&SAFE is a revolutionary technology in IPL hair removal designed exclusively by the No+Vello R&D department to eliminate body and facial hair on tanned skin. GET A HEALTHY GLOW Starting your holiday with a natural healthy glow means you’ll need to spend less time on your beauty regime when you get there. We’ve developed a three step facial treatment that cleanses, hydrates, provides nutrition and anti-oxidises your skin in just one hour. We start by removing old skin cells and surface impurities using ultrasonic and galvanic waves. We then give you an LED facial which is designed to produce cellular stimulation and dermal regeneration. This treatment is completely non-invasive and is truly a...

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No+Vello Skin and Body Care Products
Enhance your treatment results with No+Vello skin & body care products. No+Vello has developed a range of products to enhance your treatments and to help your skin stay soft and moisturised. … [Read More…]

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