A beautiful and healthy body is the dream of everyone, particularly women, but to obtain satisfactory results in terms “physical form”, it is necessary to continuously engage and take care of ourselves without delay!

And ‘now with the arrival of spring and summer, the dreaded swimsuit season will soon knock on our doors. Why be unprepared? Here are 7 tips to get back into shape after the long winter !


Dinner early in the evening

Dinner is an important meal for our diet because it allows us to recover the energy we need after a long day, but it is vital not to eat too late. Normally, you should eat two to three hours before going to bed to avoid bedtime on a full stomach. Going to bed with a full stomach it is bad because it favours the accumulation of fat during the hours of sleep and exposes us to the risk of bloating and sleep disorders due to poor digestion.


Do not starve!

The feeling of hunger is an alarm bell that comes directly from our body telling us that we need nourishment. For this reason, if we often have a feeling of hunger it may mean that we’re eating too little.

To lose weight we must not starve, but eat properly. The secret to burn fat without hunger is constantly consume foods that have a low glycemic index: the aim is to avoid the activation of mechanisms that encourage the generation of body fat. Low-glycemic foods help to delay hunger as well as to reduce the risks of diabetes and obesity. So we should eat more fruits and vegetables but also legumes and cereals, and drastically reducing the consumption of sweet foods.


Reduce sugar intake

If our goal is to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, it is very important to control the intake of sugar, which tends to turn into fat if not promptly burned by our metabolism. According to figures from the World Health Organization, the consumption of sugar should remain below the 10% of our daily energy requirements.


Be careful what you drink

“Liquid calories” are sometimes consumed in diets without a second thought, with the belief that liquids do not cause weight gain the same way that solids do. There are actually many drinks that people consider to be healthy that are in fact they were not at all. Processed fruit juice, for example, can contain up to 5 tablespoons of sugar per 200 ml of drink and a smoothie even 8 spoonfuls! For this reason, you should pay close attention to what you drink, focusing on natural drinks without added sugar. The best are the homemade fruit juices, healthier but also much more tasty!


Drinking hot water and lemon juice in the morning

The hot water with the addition of lemon on an empty stomach just after you wake up, it is a blessing and a habit that everyone should take. This drink, in addition to the well known antiviral and antibacterial properties, helps to rehydrate after a night’s sleep  and is  great for detoxing , improving the intestinal transit. But, above all, it facilitates the reduction of calories that you will take during the day.


Practising sport with others

Scientific studies have shown that practising sports in company is good for our mood and helps to achieve better results. In fact, playing sports with friends helps to encourage each other and to be more certain.


Playing a sport that entertains us, to fight laziness!

Why persist to run if you’re bored to death? Running/jogging is a great sport to achieve good physical shape, but an important way to make sure you stick to exercise is that it is not to dull and boring. Dancing for example, is very useful to burn calories!!  During a lesson in Zumba, which combines dance and music with Caribbean fitness, you can burn between 500 and 800 kcal. In short, practice the exercise to something you enjoy, but as Nike say…..just do it!