A look at….Capitalising on outbound calls

Successful outbound calls are based on:


Attitude; Speech; Databases; Goals / MonitoringA positive attitude is a basic requirement for achieving quality telephone sales.

We must pay attention to:

Tone:  It can convey a smile, interest, worry, confidence, apathy etc.

Words: The way we speak and the words we use portrays the image the customer perceives. Use positives language “yes”, “I understand”, “I see”. Don’t use negative words like, “I can’t”, “I’m not allowed”

There must be a goal; we are salespeople, not information clerks.  Goals include cross selling other treatments or winning back a former client

Overcoming our own objection:  In general, it is ourselves who generate objections, not so much the client.  We must overcome the fear of “NO”


Preparation is key:

Organise your call list by extracting relevant information from your CRM

Familiarise yourself with the treatment history

Know the details of the new service or new promotion that you are targeting

Be prepared to answers questions and objections

Have your diary available so you can make the appoints there and then:

Outbound Calls Scripts


Attitude; Speech; Databases; Goals / MonitoringWe need to ensure our client files are up to date and accurate

This will allow us to have the correct conversations with clients

We must record on a daily basis the amount of clients that we call and the outcomes

This will allow us to measure the conversion rate (calls made vs appoints made)

It will also allow you to follow up of those clients who you have not yet acquired



If we want to improve we must analyse and criticise each and every action

Self-criticism leads to success

Identify goals and set targets.

How many calls are to be made in a period of time?

What is your target conversion rate?

Analyses your results on a weekly and monthly basis

What’s working and what’s not working?

Amend your approach if needed and set steps to improve goal achievements