Add the No+Vello experience to existing beauty businesses with No+Vello Point

Add the No+Vello experience to existing beauty businesses with No+Vello Point

no+vello Point is available to existing beauty businesses that have been operating successfully for a sustained period of time. The new concession option allows owners who are looking to tap into the cutting-edge IPL market to add a no+vello cabin or treatment room to their existing premises.   

The move to offer no+vello Point nationwide follows a successful pilot scheme at beauty centres in Maidstone and Croyden. Both businesses have reported an impressive uptake of the no+vello flat rate IPL service, with numbers suggesting that no+vello Point is already contributing a large percentage of sales and outstripping other services.

Matthew Simmonds, Director General of no+vello UK, explains the benefit of no+vello Point:

“We’ve been talking for some time about how the no+vello treatment could provide a very popular addition to existing beauty businesses – the pilots in Maidstone and Croydon just prove we were right. No+Vello Point is a next natural extension of the no+vello franchise opportunity. You still get all the fantastic benefits of our IPL service, and a new treatment to promote to your existing client base. We have no doubt that no+vello Point will help to grow people’s businesses.”

The facts support Matthew’s assessment. The no+vello offering continues to go from strength to strength across Europe – there are now over 1,300 no+vello beauty centres in 16 countries, impressive growth that has taken place in just seven years.

There really couldn’t be a better time to offer clients a groundbreaking hair removal service with no+vello Point.

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