Ingrown Hairs can cause unsightly blemishes and cause pain.No+Vello’s advanced, painless Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments – available at all No+Vello’s UK centres – provide the perfect solution to this on-going and troubling problem at extremely affordable rates. Constant shaving and waxing brings with it the irritating inconvenience of ingrowing hair.

Not only can this condition prove unsightly, but it can also lead to significant skin inflammation – and in some cases even severe pain. Caused by short hairs growing sideways or back in on themselves, this problematic side effect of your beauty regime can only be be tackled effectively with the help of IPL treatment.

This pain-free, technologically advanced process acts to kill and cauterise the blood supply to the hair, helping to inhibit potential growth and stop more ingrowing hairs forming in future.

“We’ve all experienced the pain and discomfort of ingrowing hair,” says Annabelle Simkins, No+Vello’s UK Therapist Training Manager. “That’s why we’re letting all No+Vello customers know that our revolutionary IPL treatments can help if their current beauty regime is blighted by the inconvenience of this condition.”

Painless IPL treatments from No+Vello target problematic in-grown hairs“Our state of the art IPL technology used together with our treatment protocols is pain-free, effective and competitively priced’ Annabelle adds, “and our fully trained beauty professionals will ensure your treatments is carried out in a welcoming, safe and relaxed environment.”

A worldwide phenomenon in hair removal and rejuvenation, IPL is fast becoming the beauty treatment of choice for discerning, image conscious men and women who want to ensure they always look as good as they feel. “No+Vello’s modern centres are at the cutting edge of the UK’s IPL industry,” says Annabelle, “so if you want to an end to painful and unsightly ingrowing hair once and for all, our specialists are standing by to help.”

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