Ingrown hairs are those that remain under the skin when in their growth phase cannot find the way out and are then forced to go back or twist to continue growth.

Ingrown hairs generally occur from shaving which also then then generates inflammation and redness. These annoying blemishes can occur anywhere in the body, but mainly affect the chin, neck and cheeks for men and the legs and bikini areas for woman.

crop_Depilazione_ipl_1The most common cause of ingrown hairs is shaving with a razor, followed by waxing, tweezers and electric epilators as well as tight clothing and poor hygiene that can aggravate the situation.
When you use a razor, the blade sharpens the tip of the hair which then pierces the skin resulting in an ingrown hair. The way out of the hair is further hampered by the combination between the micro shred caused by the razor and the accumulation of dead cells.
The use of waxing instead generates micro wounds due to tearing blocking the way of the hair during the output scarring and finally, tweezers and electric epilators, often do not completely remove the hair that breaks remain locked into the skin.

To remove an ingrown hair you can use a sterile alcohol and needle. Although it is an effective method, it is very risky because they are high chances of creating bleeding and scarring and the possibility of breaking the hair during the procedure.

The only way to prevent the occurrence of ingrown hairs is to change the method of hair removal. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal techniques have proven to be an effective and safe way to avoid ingrown hairs.

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