GooglePlus PinAs an inclusive and open franchise network, no+vello is always keen to encourage the sharing of ideas and best practice strategies between centres. That’s why the start of our new Facebook Group will provide the ideal platform for constructive interaction between franchise owners.

Head Office is setting up a no+vello Facebook Group, so all franchise owners can benefit from an ongoing ‘forum style’ discussion on industry best practice, sales techniques, beauty news and franchise management.

After considerable research into the business support requirements of franchise owners, Facebook has been identified as the most user-friendly social media platform to encourage such interaction – as it’s already used by many franchise owners personally and its familiarity will hopefully help ensure quick adoption of the new forum.

“We’ve been listening to what clinics need in terms of continuing business development support,’ says Matthew Simmonds, no+vello’s UK Managing Director, “and the idea of starting a Facebook Group so all franchise owners can join the discussion and help each other, is completely in line with our inclusive ‘open door’ philosophy of helping centres grow their business.”

Facebook Groups have many advantages for small businesses, not least the free sharing of information including documents, photos, videos and web links. Participants can also create and edit group calendars to schedule regular online events and training sessions. Such ongoing interactions will become an important learning tool for franchise owners that want to share their unique skillsets with other members.

“Our investment in social media growth channels sets no+vello apart as a franchise network that not only responds to the needs of its members, but is also embracing modern technology to ensure our franchise owners can build thriving businesses” says Matthew. “Ultimately, our new Facebook Group will help our centres learn and grow together, which is very much in tune with our ethos of inclusion and openness. This is definitely an exciting time to be a no+vello franchise owner.”