IPL Advantage

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

  • IMG_0030Suited for treating sun-damaged skin, large pores, age spots and wrinkles
  • Helpful in reducing appearance of superficial pigmentation
  • A series of 6 sessions, every 21 days can rejuvenate your skin and make you feel and look years younger
  • Provides gradual, natural looking improvements, with long terms results
  • Results from a full series can last up to a year
  • Offers an immediate return to routine activities

IPL Hair Removal

  • Hair becomes thinner, lighter and less dense after each session
  • Only have to receive treatments every 40-45 days
  • Maintenance recommended once or twice a year after sessions are complete
  • Works extremely well on light skin, with darker hair, but with No+Vello’s exclusive SUN&SAFE, is still effective on darker skin types
  • Helpful in reducing hormonal facial and body hair


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No+Vello News

All you need to know about IPL Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is a dilemma for all, especially for women. How many of you have cursed the first day you waxed? And how you hate the itchy feeling you get after passing a razor over your skin? Not to mention the most varied positions it takes to try remove the hair all...

Why skin cleansing is so important

On average our skin renews itself every 28 days however this process can be sped up with the use of specific treatments and products. For a ‘normal’ skin a deep cleanse is only necessary to be performed every 21 days to maintain good skin health but for more concern...

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