Having a beautiful sun tan is what we all strive for in the summer months, but does this mean we can’t receive laser/IPL treatments until it’s faded? At no+vello you can receive IPL treatments all year round with the help of our sun&safe technology.

The innovative sun&safe technology at no+vello enables IPL hair removal treatments to be carried out safely on sun tanned skins.

At no+vello we don’t want anyone missing out so by creating a specific system that emits fractioned light energy on the skin we can ensure heat is regulated enabling a safer dose of energy is applied. With a protective cooling layer of gel applied also this ensures skins’ temperature is kept at a minimum aiding a safe conduction of light and most importantly protecting the skins natural melanin.

We recommended clients wait a minimum of 48 hours before and after any UV ray/direct sunlight exposure before receiving an IPL treatment.