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Why skin cleansing is so important

On average our skin renews itself every 28 days however this process can be sped up with the use of specific treatments and products. For a ‘normal’ skin a deep cleanse is only necessary to be performed every 21 days to maintain good skin health but for more concern...

IPL in summer…Possible with No+Vello Sun&Safe technology!

Having a beautiful sun tan is what we all strive for in the summer months, but does this mean we can’t receive laser/IPL treatments until it’s faded? At no+vello you can receive IPL treatments all year round with the help of our sun&safe technology. The innovative...

All you need to know about IPL Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is a dilemma for all, especially for women. How many of you have cursed the first day you waxed? And how you hate the itchy feeling you get after passing a razor over your skin? Not to mention the most varied positions it takes to try remove the hair all...

7 Tips for a summer ready body

  A beautiful and healthy body is the dream of everyone, particularly women, but to obtain satisfactory results in terms "physical form", it is necessary to continuously engage and take care of ourselves without delay! And 'now with the arrival of spring and...

The Dreaded Ingrown Hair – What you need to know….

Ingrown hairs are those that remain under the skin when in their growth phase cannot find the way out and are then forced to go back or twist to continue growth. Ingrown hairs generally occur from shaving which also then then generates inflammation and redness. These...

The perfect Mother’s Day gifts with No+Vello

With Mother’s Day just around the corner (Sunday 6th March) it’s time to skip the flowers and chocolates and treat her to a gift that she won’t forget! There is no better time to treat your mum to one of our No+Vello facial packages.  With treatments starting from...

Recapture glowing skin for the Christmas party season

Summer feels like a long time ago and the cold, damp autumnal weather, combined with central heating has likely dulled your skin tone. Our IPL Skin Rejuvenation treatment replenishes skin cells to help you regain your natural glow this Christmas. How it works IPL Skin...

Effective IPL hair removal for all hair and skin colours

One of the challenges of traditional laser hair removal is that it is most effective on dark hair with light skin. IPL is better at treating a greater range of hair colours – but our R&D department has now developed a system which means we can effectively and...


No+Vello Merry Hill
No+Vello Merry Hill
intu Merry Hill
Hello and welcome to our new ever growing No+Vello Branch located within the Merryhill Shopping Centre. We provide treatments and No+Vello Products to tailor all your needs from Laser Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Deep Cleansing Facials, Dermablading, Body Firming, Cellulite Reductions, Mary Cohr Facials, Waxing & much more.

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No+Vello Merry Hill
No+Vello Merry Hill
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