No+Vello IPL Equipment

Our Research and Development team is focused continuing to have the most state-of-the-art technology and always improve the No+Vello equipment & treatment methods. The developments and improvements discovered through our dedicated R&D department ultimately lead to an enhanced customer experience, which enables No+Vello to treat a wider range of skin tones & colours more effectively than any other hair removal method.

Clinic InteriorWe have the fastest and most powerful (60 Joule/cm2) equipment on the market, which has specifically been designed to provide light-based hair removal treatments and light-based skin rejuvenation.

The No+Vello equipment has a modern Intense Sub-Zero cooling system, which is gentle to the skin and provides light local anaesthesia to making the treatment painless. Unlike laser hair removal systems, No+Vello Intense Pulsed Light can treat almost all kinds of skin and hair, with fewer side effects and at a lower cost. Laser treatments, on the contrary, cannot be applied to certain skin types, as they are very aggressive on delicate skin.

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No+Vello News

No+Vello Wolverhampton now open.

Our new No+Vello centre in Wolverhampton is now open. Come and visit us at 14 Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton. WV1 4BS

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