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Revitalising line

Revitaling Line

Utilising Vitamin C as the fundamental active ingredient, these products revitalise photo aged skins creating a flash effect of luminosity restoring skins vitality. The Vitamin C antioxidant helps to protect the cell membrane blocking free radical damage whilst helping to considerably favour the production of collagen.

Products – Vitamin C Ampoules/Vitamin C Mask/Revitalising Facial Fluid


Moisturising Line

Moisturising Line

Utilising Hyaluronic Acid as the main fundamental active ingredient, these products provide visible and instant hydration helping to recover the elasticity of the skin. Using liposomal technology and with its low molecular weight, the lost percentage of water is flooded back into the skin penetrating deeply helping to reconstruct the deep layers of the dermis. Combining Glycolic Acid and Argilerine this range can also  provide as a powerful skin rejuvenator limiting the appearance of wrinkles.  Products – Hyaluronic Moisturising Ampoules/Hyaluronic Moisturising Mask/ Anti-Ageing Facial Cream/Anti-Ageing Serum


Anti Imperfections Line

Anti Imperfections Line

Utilising Mandelic and Salicylic Acid as its fundamental active ingredients, these products help to eliminate impurities and control sebum production in the skin. Producing a soft chemical peeling it improves skins metabolism healing from within whilst providing an antibacterial effect helping to correct imperfections targeting more congested skins. In combination with aloe vera and camomile, the skins natural moisture is retained.

Products – Anti Imperfections Ampoules/Anti Imperfections Mask/Anti Imperfections Cream-Gel


Firming Line

Firming Line

Utilising DMAE as its fundamental active ingredient alongside Lactic, Glycolic and Hylauronic Acid, these products stimulate collagen and elastic production providing a superficial firmness creating an immediate lifting effect to the skin. Producing a reaffirming and flash effect, DMAE has been labelled as a ‘facelift’ in a bottle whilst the Lactic and Glycolic Acid produce an exfoliating effect helping to sloth away unwanted pigmentation. The products help to stimulate muscle contraction to avoid the loss of tonicity whilst stabilising the cellular membranes, thickening the dermis and recuperating the firmness of the skin.

Products – DMAE Firming Ampoules/DMAE Firming Mask/Firming Facial Moisturiser


Regenerating Line

Regenerating Line

Utilising Aloe Vera, Rose Hip Oil and Camomile as its fundamental active ingredients these products are indispensable for the preparation of the skin due to their calming, soothing and moisturising effects. Stimulating the regeneration of new cells these products increase the production of collagen whilst also regulating sebaceous secretions. With the addition of an active UV protection factor the skin will remain shielded from any harmful environmental damage.

Products – Hydro Protective Face and Body Emulsion/Aloe Vera Mask


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