The why of Wahanda

Beauty is not just for women. Health is not just for young people. Whoever you are, Wahanda is here to help you make the most of what Mother Nature has given you.

We know that life can be tough. You’re not always super-cheerful, you don’t always get eight hours sleep and sometimes after a hard day’s work the last thing you want is to “feel the burn”.

We don’t want to tell you how to live your life – because we can’t. What we can do is show you an alternative. In fact, hundreds of alternatives – ways to stay fit and healthy, to be beautiful, to chill out and a few things you’ll want to do just for fun. So it doesn’t have to be a hard slog, with a whole world of wellbeing at your fingertips you can pick and choose as you please.

We also know that health, beauty and wellness can be mysterious and filled with intimidating places. What’s epilation? Should I bow to my yoga guru? When the therapist says to take my clothes off, does that include my underpants? We love all aspects of health and beauty and we want you to love them too. That’s why you won’t find us humming and chiming our finger-cymbals; we want to give you straightforward answers to all those niggling questions and to put you in touch with other people who can tell you what they think too.

We want you to be the happiest, healthiest and most beautiful person you can be.

We’re here to help our partners too – check out our health and beauty industry business blog for news on what we’re doing to grow your business, and tips on making the most of Wahanda.