No+Vellos Tips and Advice

C1_NmVYour clinic professional will provide you with a list of tips and advice for before, during and after treatments. Below are a few reminders before your first visit:

  • Don’t wax or use any method that removes hair at the root in the zone to be treated at least 20 days prior
  • Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds and tanning creams at least 15 days prior to treatment. Use a high SPF if the zone being treated is normally exposed to the sun.
  • Inform your No+Vello centre if you are taking ANY medication, especially photosensitive medications.
  • On the day of the visit, keep your skin clean and cool and avoid doing vigorous physical exercise.
  • Avoid creams with vitamin A or retinoic acid as well as any form of injectibles surrounding treatment.
  • Use the recommended No+Vello after care cream to improve your results and skin appearance.
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No+Vello News

No+Vello Wolverhampton now open.

Our new No+Vello centre in Wolverhampton is now open. Come and visit us at 14 Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton. WV1 4BS

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