The summer holidays are here!  We speak to a lot of people who want to prepare their bodies for the beach and then enjoy a gorgeous glow with minimal effort when they get there – so we asked our beauty experts for their top tips.
Before you go…
Time-consuming and/or painful processes like shaving and waxing are the traditional ways to remove unwanted hair. But many of our clients want to remove hair for as long as possible, with as little pain as possible so they’re turning to IPL.
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) delivers rapid pulses of high intensity light to the area being treated. The light energy is converted into heat, which destroys the hair follicle at the root (shaft), minimising future growth. Our patented IPL hair removal system is gentler on the skin and able to treat a broader range of skin tones and hair colours.
If your skin is already tanned, SUN&SAFE is a revolutionary technology in IPL hair removal designed exclusively by the No+Vello R&D department to eliminate body and facial hair on tanned skin.
Starting your holiday with a natural healthy glow means you’ll need to spend less time on your beauty regime when you get there. We’ve developed a three step facial treatment that cleanses, hydrates, provides nutrition and anti-oxidises your skin in just one hour.
We start by removing old skin cells and surface impurities using ultrasonic and galvanic waves. We then give you an LED facial which is designed to produce cellular stimulation and dermal regeneration. This treatment is completely non-invasive and is truly a pleasure to receive. And finally we finish your treatment with our Aloe Vera Regenerative Mask, which is proven to calm the skin, revitalise and moisturise.
For any area of your body that have succumbed to the effects of aging and sun damage, we offer IPL Skin Rejuvenation. This is a safe, non-invasive treatment that involves applying pulses of light to penetrate the skin without damaging the surface layer. The transmitted light induces the underlying dermis to respond as if it’s healing a wound, regenerating the skin by promoting the creation of collagen and elastin fibres. Over the course of a complete treatment series, your skin will feel firmer, smoother and have a more even tone.
When you’re on holiday…
When it’s warm, skin needs to be hydrated inside and out so drink plenty of water and use moisturising creams morning and night.
Jennifer Anniston recently admitted that one of her biggest regrets is not using sun cream when she was younger. We recommend applying sun cream with SPF 15 or higher first thing in the morning after a shower or bath and then topping it up throughout the day when required.
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