We often claim that IPL is the best value, least painful, longest lasting and most effective form of hair removal… so this month we’re going to review how it compares to other techniques.


On the plus side, shaving is quick, can be done at home and the equipment is cheap… but as the hair is cut off at skin level, it grows back immediately. This means you need to shave regularly and so the hair grows back stronger and can cause painful ingrown hairs.


Plucking with tweezers is painful but a good option if you only want to remove a few hairs at a time – trying to pluck a large area is very time consuming and can cause ingrown hairs or scarring.

Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams, also known as depilatory creams, use chemicals to dissolve the hair shaft. These are readily available in pharmacies and can be used at home – they are not painful but are time consuming… and smelly! You also need to follow the instructions carefully and buy the correct product for the area of your body you want to treat (they’re not all the same). Be aware that leaving it on too long can harm your skin.


Threading is an Asian technique used to pull out hair using a twisted thread to catch hairs as it’s rolled across the skin. This is not a technique you can do yourself so you’ll need to get a trained professional to do it – it’s fairly quick but painful in the short term.


You can use home kits or go to a salon for waxing – either way it’s messy and painful. Hot wax is applied to the skin so that the hair sticks to it and is then pulled out as the wax is removed. Often some hairs are left behind because they break off.


Epilators are small devices you can use at home that are fitted with rotating metal blades that lift and remove the hair from the root. On the plus side the results often last about six weeks but the machines are expensive and many people find the process is probably the most painful of all hair removal techniques.


Laser hair removal removes unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle.  It is a long lasting method of hair removal but is expensive and can be painful. It’s also most effective on dark hair.


IPL works similarly to a laser; however, instead of just one wavelength of light (monochromatic) IPL is polychromatic, producing a wide spectrum of light. This allows a greater spectrum of skin colour and hair to be treated and is generally faster than laser treatments. IPL can treat larger skin portions at a time, so areas like the legs and back can be treated in a fraction of the time required with standard lasers.

Whilst home kits are available, they are expensive, require caution to operate and they’re not as effective as our equipment.  No+Vello centres work with state-of-the-art Intense Pulsed Light systems in order to ensure best results from the very first session.

Some more advantages to IPL include:

  • Can treat a wider spectrum of skin tones and hair colours than some types of laser
  • IPL hair removal may be more cost effective than laser treatments
  • IPL is reported as less painful than laser hair removal by many patients (no anaesthesia is required)
  • There is less risk of skin damage from an IPL treatment than laser hair removal
  • IPL lends itself well to larger areas of hair removal


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