3-v3On average our skin renews itself every 28 days however this process can be sped up with the use of specific treatments and products.

For a ‘normal’ skin a deep cleanse is only necessary to be performed every 21 days to maintain good skin health but for more concern skins this can vary.

In a normal day skin can accrue dirt, bacteria and oil which can cause blockages leading to blackheads, whiteheads and in worst cases, acne. Not all skins will succumb to this however it is important to manually cleanse daily to remove the surface dirt layer.

During the cooler months skin can become dry due to the cold environment it’s surrounded by which can in effect cause flaking, dehydration and a decrease in blood circulation. During the hotter months skin can become oilier due to the hot environment is it surrounded by which can cause blockages, a shinier texture and increased blood circulation. It is important to keep the skin regulated to maintain a good balance all year round. For dry skins use hydrating products and for oily skins use oil regulating products. No matter what skin type you are you always need to cleanse morning and night and apply a moisturiser as this adds vitality to the surface layer.

Deep cleansing can enable deeper product penetration opening up the skins passage ways, which can improve the level of your daily cleanse.

no+vello ProSkin is a perfect way to give your skin that deep cleanse. The ultrasonic waves help to remove any surface impurities and the galvanic can help simulate deeper skins cells for a more intense skin invigoration.

Consult your no+vello aesthetician to find out your recommended skin care plan.