Why Tamzin Outhwaite chooses No+Vello IPL treatments

Why Tamzin Outhwaite chooses No+Vello IPL treatments

As a busy actress and mother to two young girls, Tamzin Outhwaite likes to keep her beauty regime as quick and easy as possible.  She’s become a regular client at our No+Vello Centre in Crouch End and we caught up with her to see how she keeps looking great…

How did you hear about No+Vello and what made you choose to have treatments here?

Tamzin: “I live in Crouch End and happened to be passing No+Vello on your opening day so I popped in to find out more.  Because of my manic schedule it took me a while to book a treatment but then in December I started rehearsing for a play called ‘Di and Viv and Rose’ in which I was required to walk across the stage in my underwear, so that was the motivation I needed to start my IPL hair removal treatments! It’s also great that’s it’s so local and very reasonable.”

Why do you like IPL hair removal?

Tamzin: “I tried laser hair removal years ago but found it very painful. However with IPL I found it was a completely different experience and much less painful.  I have Italian roots so I have thick dark wiry hair and have definitely seen an improvement with the treatments.”

What other treatments have you enjoyed?

Tamzin: “I’ve had an IPL Skin Rejuvenation and a facial treatment and I’m looking forward to coming back for more when I have a break in my schedule later this year, including teeth whitening.”

What other treatments do you regularly have?

Tamzin: “I have regular pedicures and manicures at Perfection in Crouch End and also go to Liberty for a Dermalogica facial every two to three months.”

What kind of beauty regime do you have?

Tamzin: “A pampering for me feels like I’m at work so I like my beauty regime to be as quick as possible, for example I like products that get my skin clean quickly. I also like to have a healthy glow but use SPF products to avoid sun damage.”

What beauty products couldn’t you live without?

Tamzin: “Dermalogica cleansing gel, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, Elemis under eye recovery pads (for when I’m tired), Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm and a good Mac cover-up, like a prep and prime.”

As an actress staying in shape must be important to you

Tamzin: “It is important to me but when I’m working I don’t have time for a fitness routine so I just try and eat healthily, which is hard when the catering is as good as it is on the job I’m doing at the moment! When I’m not working, I’m often at my fittest as a have time to work out. I go to Yoga Centric in Crouch End for the hot yoga class and I’m a member of Virgin Active so I do classes there a lot.”

Look out for Tamzin on the last series of New Tricks on BBC1 later in the summer.