Manscaping (or male hair removal) has been the biggest growing trend in our industry for the last few years, so what’s going on? Here’s our take on who’s doing it and why…


Which men are removing hair?

Men of all ages are choosing to remove hair from their backs, chest, legs, arms, feet and other areas of their bodies. But recent research by Mintel revealed that the trend is particularly prevalent amongst 16-24 year olds with six in ten saying they now routinely groom their body hair.


What are the reasons why men want hair removed?

Everyone has their own reasons but we find our male customers mainly fall into three brackets…

Aesthetics: Many men like the visual effect of having smooth and hairless skin and it makes them feel more attractive. There is also a proportion of our customers whose wives or girlfriends prefer less hair which is a good motivation for them to opt for an IPL treatment.

Career: Some of our male customers need to remove hair to improve their performance or enhance their look for work – for example athletes, bodybuilders and performers.  This, in turn, increases the trend for aesthetic hair removal – we see this a lot in the Autumn when Strictly Come Dancing is on the TV!

Understanding: A small proportion of our customers tell us they want to try IPL hair removal so they can gain a better understanding of the process involved so they can emphasise with the women in their lives.


What kind of hair removal are they opting for?

There is obviously a lot of options when it comes to hair removal (see our previous post comparing hair removal techniques) with some men choosing waxing or shaving and others simply trimming the hair.  However, we find our male customers are choosing IPL hair removal treatments for many reasons, including wanting to avoid razor bumps and ingrown hairs, which men are more prone to as they have thicker and coarser hair.  They also want a long-lasting result that is more cost and time efficient… as well as being less painful!


If you want to find out more about IPL hair removal treatments for men, contact one of our centres to arrange a free consultation and patch test